Originally from the shores of southwestern France, I could have been rocked my life by the waves but life did I eventually became a city child, never really understanding the consequences and emotional impact they could have on my mind.

One day I decided to leave everything in relation with my life of urban citizens… Driven by a need to return to the roots, I instinctively followed the energy of my subconscious to immerse myself in a world without artifice, the vastness of wilderness.

When I evolve in a natural environment I’m like attracted by the horizon that opens up to me a deep sense of freedom and the irresistible desire to explore the world around me.

It is probably for these reasons that I have this vital need to freeze my visions when I wandered in these landscapes constantly bewitched by the ephemeral atmospheres and changes of seasons.

Self-taught and passionate at heart, I always carried my own inspiration in everything I undertake.

In photography, I like to freeze dreamy atmospheres but without the technique to get done, I couldn’t convey this kind of vision.

Although art can not be taught, everyone can improve its ability to capture a beautiful light and create stronger compositions.

Naturally teacher, I offer « Photo-Workshops » to convey my shooting techniques and post-processing but also in the idea of sharing my passion and energy that drives me to capture the intact natural landscapes of our wonderful planet.

Based in ICELAND for years, I’m working as a mountain and glacier guide for local travel agencies.

As a photo guide, I used to run more than 20 photography tours & workshops per year all around the world.. Iceland, Norway, Italy, Spain, France, Patagonia, Indian Ocean and more.

Icelandic highlands lover and expert, I can provide all the logistic to allow you to discover unique and remote places with all the confort whatever your abilities, the weather or the seasons.

Alban Henderyckx